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Small business, big success

LOL外围One of Wood’s core business values is to frequently utilize small businesses of all socioeconomic categories. We have a long standing Small Business Program to coordinate and oversee all small business activities throughout the company. Providing assistance to small businesses is part of the corporate culture. As a result, we are able to collaborate on innovative ideas, deliver creative solutions, build sustainable relationships and assist small businesses in growth.


LOL外围Our vision is to be the most trusted partner for our customers by consistently delivering excellence - bringing together the knowledge, expertise and skills of our people from across our global network. Positive working relationships between small and large businesses are critical to the development of communities and the people that reside in those communities.


LOL外围The mission of Wood’s Small Business Program is to continually seek and expand relationships with small businesses of all socioeconomic categories. We want to increase our small business utilization each year, continue to advance our mentor protégé relationships, develop and strengthen our strategic relationships with small businesses that fulfil niche services, and increase awareness of small business legislation changes.


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Holly Hutson
Small Business Liaison Officer
1105 Lakewood Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(P) 770.360.0624
(E) small.business@taiyangwu.com.cn




Links for Small Businesses

National Veterans Small Business Coalition (NVSBC)